Persiguiendo un sueño

Have you ever ear this song:
Soñare oooooooo Cantare ooooooo.... It's me song

The first I should say about me is who I'm so for all those you didn't know it... I'm Jackelin Ccorahua , I was born and grow up in Lima- Perú,  until 6 years ago that  I took my bags and came to Europe - Spain - Barcelona with one dream : doing something important in My Life , i wanted to go to college , I wanted to see Paris , Rome , Venice, London , I done almost it all, but i haven't been in London not yet!!!! and I also couldn't go to the university.... : - C .

 After 2 long years of work I decided it was time to begin to study a challenge because here in Barcelona people speaks Catalan , so after many ups and downs :
1. validate my studies took me almost two years
2 . Learn the Catalan ( the language spoken here) .
3. studying one year to pass a test of access to higher education .
4.  staying one years on the waiting list for the school I wanted to study .

Finally at the end !!!!!!!!!  I could started study last year, what am I studying? ? ?
 Fashion design at the Escola d' Art Illa ... My ambitious dream is to become a international designer i and maybe Why Not!!! One day I could have my own brand into the towns most representative of fashion world ...
They say dreaming is for free ....eeheheheh : -P .

This year I present my final project to do a collection of 20 pieces. inspiration from haute couture designed this dress so Santa Eulalia , one of the most representative Catalan designer of his time,
it launched its first collection in 1926.

This past year will make a very tough year , between practices , designs, build the collection , and then there's a catwalk parade May 9 where 3 of our dresses ... How exciting ! ! !

So you will be witnesses of this process from idea sketches , dresses chosen , the collection , the runway, and the journey that lies ahead me ...

this are some figurines

Thanks for being on the other side of the computer and follow me , I share with you my love of fashion , and I hope that someone will see my talent and make my dreams come true ...

Have a nice Weekend ...Enjoy the life....See you next post..

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Bisous Jackelin

2 comentarios

  1. Esta entrada me ha hecho soñar! Icreiblemente bella!
    Y tu preciosa como siempre.
    The diary of a fashion apprentice

    1. Gracias guapisima, gracias por estar al otro lado y alentarme a seguir nunca es tarde dicen ya lo creo YO.. todo depende del coraje que tengamos para seguir adelante, Espero que tengas un buen inicio de semana ...Besotes...


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